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Fiona Stanley Hospital Childrens Ward

Fiona Stanley Hospital Childrens Ward

This project started back in October last year when Lion Bob showed the members an article indicating that Fiona Stanley Hospital was seeding funds for the purchase of paintings for their Neonatal Unit. As nobody knew about this, and prior to allocating funds, it was decided to send Lions Bob and Brian W on a mission, being finding more information about the project idea and report back to the Club.

As usual for Bob and Brian, this was acted professionally and in no time, we had a good idea of the project: it was the purchase of “paintings” from the renowned WA artist Wendy Binks. Now, it was not the usual painting on canvas (oil painting) or paper (watercolour paintingt) as we know them. It is a revolutionaly printer that “paints” directly on the wall; as these paintings are in a hospital environment, this method is extremely clean and avoids the accumulation of dust, bugs, etc – and you do not want this in an area with new-born babies.

By that time, the Club decided to go ahead with the project, funds were allocated and the lady in charge of this project at Fiona Stanley nurse unit manager Allison Martin was advised our Club was behind her and she could seek for quotes. it didn’t take long before we had news, we agreed on the costs and the paintings went ahead.

And what a result!: a myriad of little and big emus appeared in the rooms, corridors and offices – around 400 of them splached on 91 paintings: some in pyjamas, with crutches, other little ones in incubators, and a lot of silly but lovely ones – a treat for all patients, kids, visitors and the staff. it is a fantastic project well completed – we are very proud of us and it is deffinitely funds well spent. This will give immense pleasure to parents and patients in many years to come. (written by Jean Marc Authelette)

Fiona Stanley Hospital Childrens Ward

This event is an outdoor concert sponsored by the Lions Club of Manjimup which raises funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, is held in the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park on the last Saturday in January. For more information or to book tickets click on this link