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The Lions Australia website is a fantastic resource if your club is in need of resources or merchandise to help with the promotion of your club in your community or if you are planning on doing a membership drive.

About Lions WA

Lions Clubs are part of community life, in the cities and in the country. Clubs are easily identified by their distinctive Logo, the trademark of the Association, and the ‘We Serve’; motto seen on road signs throughout the country. Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing.

Our Lions Clubs

In an ideal world, every Lions District would have more than enough space for its people, and then some. The skies would be perpetually blue, with only enough rain to sustain life, but not a bad mood.

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Our Causes

We are the Lions

Lions are men and women who strive to make a difference in their local community as well as in communities worldwide. Their volunteer efforts go beyond the support of vision care, to addressing unmet health and education needs worldwide

While you are here, check out all the other news and information. Not just here, but on the Multiple District and International websites.

If you are not yet a Lion, we are especially interested in having you look us over, have a look at this link to Find a Club Near You or simply contact us  giving us your details , city/suburb and phone number etc. and someone from a club near you will contact you to join the world’s largest and best service organisation, Lions Clubs International, we are always looking for men and women who are ready to make a difference.

Please check out our Lions in Western Australia Facebook page and also watch the Lions videos below for a sample of what we do.


Then why not get on board, you can make a difference!!

Why Join Lions

Reasons YOU Should Join Lions Today

That ah-ha moment

Every Lion joins a club, but every member has a story about the moment they truly became a Lion. That day when you helped someone who had nowhere else to turn. The heartfelt thanks. The hope you restored through your kindness. That's why we're Lions.

You get what you give

Did you know that helping others actually helps you? Volunteering improves our happiness, health and sense of wellbeing, and decreases symptoms of depression. Giving is a win-win.

Fun and Fellowship

Service isn't just meaningful. It's fun. We build new friendships in our clubs and new connections in our communities. We laugh. We bond. We serve, and we do it with a smile and open heart.


Lions offers opportunities for members to meet new people, enjoy fellowship, lead, learn new skills, and so much more, while volunteering in the community.

Be part of something big

Lions are a big family. A really big family. We are over 1.4 million men and women in 48,000 clubs in nearly every country on earth. We are changing our communities, club by club. And together, we are changing the world.


Enjoy a wide range of experiences when working on different types of projects and participating in a variety of events.


Lions are leaders in their community, organizing projects that meet real needs. Learn and develop leadership and every day skills that you can share with others, and use to help in the community.


Lions is family friendly and encourages family involvement. It's a great way to teach our children about helping others.