District Governors  W1 and W2

Ted Watts, District Governor Lions District 201W2

Tim Moore,
District Governor Lions District 201W1


This coming year I am going to be District Governor of W1.  I am leading the district through a period of change. WA is moving from two districts to just one.  We will be changing the management, not the clubs.  This will enable our district to be stronger and easier to manage. Your club will not change, you will still come up with new great ways to help your community.  To make it a better place to live and to grow.                                                         

 With this aim, I want clubs to do just one environmental Project in the year. It could be big yearlong project or a little one.   The community we live in is our home.  I want to see a safe clean place for Children and adults to live in.   If we can reduce the amount that goes into landfill its got to be good for the environment with less waste in the ground. 

This will have a bigger impact for our communities.  With fresh clean potable water.  Less toxins getting into our food source and help save native animals which we all enjoy.   So, over the year I will share with clubs all different ideas for environmental projects.  From simple ideas to big ideas, whatever your club can handle. I want to see Lions in our community doing their best, I am not asking for someone else’s best but yours.  I want you to help in any way you can, and do it with a smile. 

I would like non lions to see what a great organization we have.  Wear a lion’s badge in the community, even if you are out shopping or taking a stroll.  Let people see you are a lion.  If you are doing a project and giving it your best, take a selfie and share it with your friends.  Let them see what a great time we are having serving our communities.   Hopefully they will see and fill the need to help the community too.  Let your best inspire them to join lions and make a difference. 

This year’s convention is at Curtin University and it’s a combined convention with W2.  Come along and have fun, listen, and ask questions.  We always learn new ways to make Lion’s great at conventions.

No doubt over the coming year I will get to meet you in person.  I want you to share with me and the executive team the fun and the projects you are doing.  We can then share all the great work you are doing making your community are great place to live.

Thank you for being a lion!


Ted Watts, District Governor Lions District 201W2

Peter Kenneday,

District Governor Lions District 201W2


The end of an era….and with challenges yet to come! I think this comment will truly describe my year as DG for District 201W2.

 Firstly, this will be the fi nal year for this District. I will be the last of many active and strong District Governors that have forged this District into one that can hold it’s head up high and point to many successful Projects and service activities in our region. We have created many a liations and relationships with a huge array of strategic community leaders and groups in this time.

 Congratulations to all W2 Clubs, both past and present, for making this District what it is. I am so proud to lead you in 2023-24.

 Secondly, I look forward to the challenges brought up by the amalgamation of W1 and W2 at the end of my term. As people will understand, change is constant. Therefore, to keep this organization on top… we all must constantly change. For our District to stay on top, we must embrace change – or improvement as I prefer to say. Don’t be a Kodak!

What I want to see is that this District continue to strive for growth and maintain its solid Club and Management practices – right to the end. I want to enter in the next phase with our heads held high – and not just with a whimper!

 To enable this District to achieve what it deserves, we will have to concentrate on several areas….

 Membership: Embrace the concept of the Global Membership Approach. It is the way and means for your Club to continue and expand service activity in your area. Keep your eyes and mind open to new marketing ideas – and new concepts – for improving growth of Clubs. Strategise, plan, practice, prepare, enact, repeat, persist – is how you will achieve membership growth.

Leadership: To enable the new Super District, as I call it… or District 201WA…. to move forward in its operations and take advantage of he resources that will be joined together, there will have to be a new Management structure.

 Just the logistics of getting around this State will force us into establishing a new District structure. It has been agreed that the only way possible is to set up a Regional Management level based around the current Zone level.

 The new Regional Chairs will undertake many of the traditional roles of the DG – but at the same time providing closer relations to the 2 or 3 Zones under their wing. This means closer access and contact for each Club and individual Member. Please make allowances for the people in these new Roles – and support them in any way that is needed.

 Service: All the Clubs in this District do this very well. However, to continue doing this, we must get more bodies on deck. And bodies that are younger so as to take the pressure off our ageing membership. Continue to find ways as to how to serve your Community. Do not hesitate to ask what your Community currently needs or wants.

 It is vital we stay current – especially to undertake meaningful service activities that appeal to the younger generations. We should strive to enhance our footprint on areas like environment and youth support – whilst continue the good work in areas that we are renowned for. A fine balance – but a balance that will propel this organization into the future.

Lastly, my motto for the year is…     ”Dare to Be..!!”


How about we all join together and “Dare to Be” the best District we can be!  

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