This is to let you know that we’ve reluctantly decided to cancel the Lions Big Band dance at South Perth this Friday 25th March, due to Covid issues.

It’s always tricky to balance the wish to continue with happy events in our lives, like music and dancing, against Covid risks and the desire to keep safe.

We also want to ensure there’s a good vibe at the dance and, with many of our regular attendees taking a break from dancing until case numbers reduce, we feel it’s best to wait until things settle down.

We expect to hold our 22nd April dance as normal – flyer attached.

If you’d like to hear the Lions Big Band before then, we’re playing for the Jazz Club of WA at the Civic Hotel in Inglewood on Tuesday 5th April, 7.30-10.30pm. No booking required.

Meanwhile, stay safe and we hope to see you next month!

All the best

Lorna M Robertson
Lions Band Coordinator
South Perth Lions Club Inc